i am not (always) an impulsive shopper

My iPhone 4 has been with me since 2011. In the course of my ownership of the said iPhone, it has been submerged in a porcelain bowl of water twice and dropped/thrown countless times. ‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas when I changed the $3 rubber case on the iPhone to the customised US$39.95 kwaypng/arppng case (Picture A). Alas, a moment of carelessness and distraction, after a wild night out with Eileen at Xin Wang Tiong Bahru Plaza, the iPhone slipped out of my hands and fell onto the unforgiving concrete floor, resulting in spiderweb cracks all over the screen (Picture B).


Picture A


Picture B

In this situation I have 3 options:

1)     To pay $80 to fix my iPhone 4 screen and continue my 12 GB data plan (“Option 1”)

2)     To pay $278 for a new iPhone 5S but recontract with a 3 GB data plan (“Option 2”)

3)     To pay $988 for a new iPhone 5S and continue my 12 GB data plan (“Option 3”)

Option 3 is out because my iPhone 4 is still working and both options 1 and 3 result in a phone that fulfills all my telecommunication needs while continuing with my current 12 GB plan. There is therefore no reason for me to go for option 3 because I don’t need a better phone if the current phone, after paying 80 bucks to fix the screen, works just fine (save for the occasional deletion of all my contacts, which includes all of my 2 friends and the suicide hotline).

In order to decide between Option 1 and Option 2, I made the following queries:

1)     On average, how many GB do I use in a month?

2)     How much would it cost if I use data beyond the 3 GB?

I called SingTel and was informed by the helpful customer service executive (the “HCSE”) that I used the following amount of data in the respective months:

June 2013: 3.49 GB

July 2013: 3.13 GB

August 2013: 1.14 GB

September 2013: 1.46 GB

October 2013: 2.02 GB

November 2013:  2.33 GB

December 2013: 2.55 GB

An in-depth analysis of my past data usage trends revealed that on average, I expended 2.30 GB of data per month. The past two months, during which I used my phone as a hot spot for my iPad mini did not result in any significant increase of data usage.

My friend Jason provided me with this link: http://info.singtel.com/mobile-terms-and-conditions, which states that “excess local data usage is charged at up to 1GB at $10.70 (inc. GST).” I confirmed this fact with the HCSE. The HCSE also introduced me to Broadband on Mobile which is an add-on that provides additional data each month for a small fee (i.e. $9.90 for an additional 1 GB every month.)


The optimum outcome would be that I get to keep my 12 GB plan and get the iPhone 5S (Option 3) . However, having considered all the above factors, I am of the final opinion that Option 2 is sufficient for my purposes.

The grounds for my decision are as follows:

  1. I used less than 3 GB per month on average for the past 7 months.
  2. Should I go for Option 2, in the event that I exceed the 3 GB data allowance, the damage would likely be minimal, given that it is only $10.70 a GB and that I have not gone past 4 GB in the past 7 months.
  3. The difference in price between Option 3 and Option 2 is $710. That would pay for 66.4 GB of data. Should I use an additional 2 GB a month (on top of the 3 GB per month in Option 2), $710 would pay for 2.7 years worth of additional 2 GB and much longer if I signed up for a Broadband on Mobile add-on, which costs $14.90 for an additional 2 GB of data per month.
  4. If I were to pay $80 to fix a really old phone, I might as well pay $198 more to get a brand new one.

In the circumstances, Option 2 is justified, reasonable and wu hua. I shall march over to SingTel this very instant.

Thank you for reading and/or any advice that you have given in my decision-making process. It is very much appreciated.

Any flaws in logic/language/reason/mathematical calculations are solely my own.


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